Regulating Voip

I think VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) is one of the most thrilling technological advances of the past two years. It really hammers home the idea that no monopoly, however natural the regulators think it is, is etched in stone unless the regulators and the monopolists want it to be. Technological change creates contestability, which … More Regulating VoipMore Regulating Voip

Carnival Of The Capitalists

This week’s Carnival of the Capitalists is available at Hobbsonline. If the permalink doesn’t work, go to his homepage and scroll down. Robert Prather’s comments on a Paul Craig Roberts column on steel tariffs contain a very important nugget to remember about the process of economic growth: When this country was founded 19 out of … More Carnival Of The CapitalistsMore Carnival Of The Capitalists

Futurepundit And Denbeste On Risk

In my getting back on the turnip cart this morning I’ve been perusing lots of things. Among the more intriguing are recent Futurepundit posts by Randall Parker, including this post on the role of choline in memory enhancement. The interesting thing about this finding is that it takes a month of high choline intake to … More Futurepundit And Denbeste On RiskMore Futurepundit And Denbeste On Risk

Phew, Still Alive …

Boy, I fell off the turnip cart pretty hard last week … teaching, having a paper to finish by last night to present on Friday at my alma mater, having my in-laws here for Thanksgiving. I even worked for a few hours in between turkey making chores on Thursday. So I was not the best … More Phew, Still Alive …More Phew, Still Alive …