Guest Post On Water Pricing

I’ve lifted this comment out of the comment box on the second water privatization post. It’s from Ed Reid, one of my very knowledgeable colleagues and sometimes, but not often enough, co-authors. Over to Ed: Water supply shortages tend not to be short term events. They may persist for months or even years, as is … More Guest Post On Water PricingMore Guest Post On Water Pricing

KP On Ice, Nice …

Not actually, more like on sand … got a 6 AM flight to Maui tomorrow, so will be largely out of commission until Monday 22 December. I’ve teed up some draft posts if I can be bothered to come in off the ocean and out of my kayak without the Knowledge Spouse getting all bunchy … More KP On Ice, Nice …More KP On Ice, Nice …

Adding To The Cosmos

Please note that I’ve added another RSS feed; redundancy is low cost and since I can’t be bothered to keep track of all of the different xml/rdf/0.91/2.0 crap, I figure having redundant feeds gets me out of having to pay attention. At least for now. I’ve also put up links to places that aggregate information … More Adding To The CosmosMore Adding To The Cosmos

Gas Hydrates, How Cool Is This?

While we’re at Crumb Trail and thinking about technological change, I notice a post on the development of the feasibility of producing gas from gas hydrates, full of good and informative links, and pictures! Randall Parker had a post on the same subject last week. This example of technological change can dramatically increase the energy … More Gas Hydrates, How Cool Is This?More Gas Hydrates, How Cool Is This?

More On International Climate Policy

From the knowledgeable resident scientist at Crumb Trail:: more on contraction and convergence, as Ronald Bailey discussed in the article I pointed to in this earlier post today. Mr./Ms. Back40 (who, I may remind you, was responsible for finding the fix when I switched to MT and couldn’t get my stylesheet to behave) is skeptical … More More On International Climate PolicyMore More On International Climate Policy

Marginal Revolution!

Tyler and Alex at Marginal Revolution are on fire this morning! Please do pay them a visit for more discussion of the economics of the new Medicare bill (ugh). I also particularly like Alex’s comments about human psychology and the sunk cost fallacy, although I’m not entirely convinced that overcoming the sunk cost inertia was … More Marginal Revolution!More Marginal Revolution!

Ronald Bailey All Over Milan

Ronald Bailey spent last week hob-nobbing in Milan with the climate change crowd, and shares his analyses in four separate articles at Reason. A good series, and a good read. Part the First: finding out why all this hot air, and if there’s really a there there for the 4000-plus delegates at the COP-9 conference. … More Ronald Bailey All Over MilanMore Ronald Bailey All Over Milan

Elevenses: Carvinal Of The Capitalists #11

Is up and ready for reading pleasure at SamaBlog, home of Rob Sama. For future reference, here’s the permalink. Note the lovely art (!) and the snazzy snowflakes. Not surprisingly, I enjoyed reading the entries, particularly Karun Philip’s entry on The Matrix and Hayek. I especially like the way he discusses the process orientation and … More Elevenses: Carvinal Of The Capitalists #11More Elevenses: Carvinal Of The Capitalists #11