Brrr, Chilly!

It’s bone-numbingly cold here in Chicago today; at last report the temp was still in the single digits and the wind chill was hovering around -10F. And the reason I came back from the ASSA meetings in San Diego was … ?

At least we finally have some snow, and may have a fresh layer for pulling out the x-c skis this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Brrr, Chilly!

  1. It’s -30 this am in Helena, MT., with a wind chill of -45. It’s so cold that if you’re outside and yell for help it doesn’t do any good: your words freeze in the air.

  2. Brrrr! I’ll quit my kvetching, and just be thankful for windstopper fleece and my poofy down coat. And for central heating :-).

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