Wine Review: Three-buck Chuck Shiraz

I’m taking a page from Professor Bainbridge’s book and will start including wine reviews on this site. Let’s start with the trendy phenom that, at least here in the middle of the country, is “Three-buck Chuck”. Charles Shaw has recently released a 2001 Shiraz, and it’s got all of the features you want in a … More Wine Review: Three-buck Chuck ShirazMore Wine Review: Three-buck Chuck Shiraz

Heartland Institute It Update

The Heartland Institute, a policy think tank located in Chicago that focuses on issues of state and local policy, has started publishing a new telecom newsletter called IT Update. It’s got columns from a lot of knowledgeable telecom policy folks, including Alfred Kahn, Solveig Singleton, Sonia Arrison, and Clyde Wayne Crews. The January issue has … More Heartland Institute It UpdateMore Heartland Institute It Update

Blogging And Writing Skills

This article on students writing skills and blogging’s role in developing them, which features our own Kevin Brancato, makes some nice points about the skill development inherent in such an endeavor. For instance, I never thought about how the desire to connect to a network and the presence of public fact-checking can reduce plagiarism. Personally, … More Blogging And Writing SkillsMore Blogging And Writing Skills

More On Hybrid Vehicles From Detroit Auto Show

Here’s an interesting article about the expansion of hybrid vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show. The article has a couple of nice comments about issues that I think are important, namely the unpredictable pace of technological change and the role that consumer preferences play in shaping the decisions of the manufacturers. Past auto shows have … More More On Hybrid Vehicles From Detroit Auto ShowMore More On Hybrid Vehicles From Detroit Auto Show