The Right Teapot Makes All The Difference

Many thanks to Craig Newmark at Newmark’s Door for linking to this LA Times story about one woman’s quest for the perfect teapot. I, too, share this quest. The perfect teapot is -clear, so you can monitor the steeping of the leaves -dripless, with a spout that pours cleanly -accompanied by an easy-to-clean infuser -adaptable, … More The Right Teapot Makes All The DifferenceMore The Right Teapot Makes All The Difference

Borda Count At T&b And Da

As a welcome to fellow Chicagoan Ian Cook, I offer this link to his interesting and informative post on Borda count voting at Truck and Barter. I also recommend Steve Verdon’s post that got Ian thinking about this. Borda presents us with an interesting dilemma when considering collective choice mechanisms: it has the problems that … More Borda Count At T&b And DaMore Borda Count At T&b And Da

Virginia’s Hayek Article Is Hot

I know many of you have read Virginia Postrel’s article on Hayek in the Boston Globe, because as Virginia reports, it’s one of the most accessed articles from that day’s paper. But if you have not yet read it, please do so. It reflects the ever-broadening view of the relevance of Hayek’s work in a … More Virginia’s Hayek Article Is HotMore Virginia’s Hayek Article Is Hot

When Environmental Interests Conflict

Wind power is good, right? Not if you’re a bird flying over the Altamont Pass in California. Now a group has filed a lawsuit over the birds killed by windmills in Altamont Pass. This’ll be interesting … … More When Environmental Interests Conflict

Update On Pennsylvania’s Electricity Restructuring

Five years ago, Pennsylvania was one of the policy leaders in pursuing electricity restructuring. My assessment of the Pennsylvania approach has been that although it has some flaws (such as regulated retail price caps that phase out over 10, count ’em, 10, years), that they struck a good balance in their transition to more market-based … More Update On Pennsylvania’s Electricity RestructuringMore Update On Pennsylvania’s Electricity Restructuring

Privatization Watch Electricity Issue

The October 2003 issue of Reason’s Privatization Watch was a special electricity issue, featuring articles on demand response, the August blackout, and how technological change affects regulation. In particular, I’d like to draw your attention to two feature articles. The first, by Vernon Smith, Stephen Rassenti, and Bart Wilson of the Interdisciplinary Center for Economic … More Privatization Watch Electricity IssueMore Privatization Watch Electricity Issue