Chicago, US Haggis Capital

OK, this is interesting: Chicago may soon be home to the first haggis factory in the US: “There are lots of Scots living in the States, and Scottish food is becoming increasingly popular, so I think the market is definitely big enough to make haggis a success in the U.S.,” Ken Stahly, owner of Stahly … More Chicago, US Haggis CapitalMore Chicago, US Haggis Capital

Supreme Court Ruling On Epa Mandate

There are some disturbing implications of the Supreme Court ruling today regarding EPA enforcement of the Clean Air Act: The 5-4 decision, a victory for environmentalists, found the EPA did not go too far when it overruled a decision by Alaska regulators, who wanted to let the operators of a zinc and lead mine use … More Supreme Court Ruling On Epa MandateMore Supreme Court Ruling On Epa Mandate

Catallarchy On Natural Gas Prices

In case you didn’t notice (but I know those of you in the Northeast did), last week was some of the coldest winter weather in the Northeast since 1875. Not surprisingly, such a cold wave puts a strain on heating energy supplies, including natural gas. This Catallarchy post by Doug Allen, and its attached comments, … More Catallarchy On Natural Gas PricesMore Catallarchy On Natural Gas Prices