Cars As Distributed Generation Sites!

While we’re on the subject of energy innovation, please check out Randall Parker’s Futurepundit post on the potential for fuel cell vehicles to heat homes. I’ve discussed this potential with several industry folks, and it is truly exciting. Consider being able to drive up to your house and plug in your car in order to … More Cars As Distributed Generation Sites!More Cars As Distributed Generation Sites!

New Matter Discovery

A new discovery may make room temperature superconductors possible: A long-sought new form of matter has been created for the first time. The matter, called a fermionic condensate, consists of atoms that are ordinarily forbidden to exist in the same quantum state but have been tricked into it by linking into pairs. It occupies the … More New Matter DiscoveryMore New Matter Discovery

Prius Is Car Of The Year

The hybrid Toyota Prius has been named the 2004 North America Car of the Year. “If you want to understand the future of automotive design and production, then you have to understand the Toyota Prius,” Motor Trend said. … More Prius Is Car Of The Year

Hunting Haggis

Please, do check out the funny comment on haggis hunting (isn’t haggis a small animal that lives in the heather?) from my dear friend Adam Bruce, from the haggis post immediately below. A good chuckle to start the day! … More Hunting Haggis

Hope For Competitive Transmission?

Many people argue that electricity transmission is a natural monopoly, defined as having a subadditive cost structure (roughly speaking, decreasing long-run average costs over the relevant range of demand). Based on that belief, competitive entry is not allowed. Historically this has arisen because of the vertical integration of the industry, which is itself a consequence … More Hope For Competitive Transmission?More Hope For Competitive Transmission?