Carnival Of The Capitalists At Steve’s Place

Today’s Carnival of the Capitalists is up at Steve’ Verdon’s site. I’ve been too busy to rub the brain cells together well enough to write a post worthy of CotC inclusion, but I am happy that my small musings on competitive transmission, contestability, and evolutionary processes in markets got Robert Prather riffing on it, and lots of interesting discussion in the comments.

In one of the comments Robert makes some reading suggestions to those unfamiliar with Hayek’s ideas. He recommends the three-volume Law, Legislation, and Liberty set, but I would read The Constitution of Liberty first. CoL has great exposition about the basics of why liberty promotes beneficial societies and individual well-being simultaneously. LLL has some other detracting stuff, and its focus is more on legal and political institutions and less on, to reiterate the phrase, the beneficial complexity arising from market processes.