Too Much Boiling In The Pot

My Italian friends Fabio and Federico (yes, that’s really their names) tell me that the Italian equivalent of “too many irons in the fire” translates to “too many things boiling in the pot”. I love it. Except that I feel the heat of the many things boiling, and posting may therefore be somewhat curtailed over … More Too Much Boiling In The PotMore Too Much Boiling In The Pot

Fixed Proportions And Environmental Projections

A final set of recommendations … today Ron Bailey of Reason is testifying before a Congressional hearing on “The Impact of Science on Public Policy”. His testimony is available at the Reason magazine website, and indicates some general tendencies that I have found in my wanderings through energy and environmental public policy: What are the … More Fixed Proportions And Environmental ProjectionsMore Fixed Proportions And Environmental Projections

Free To Choose Slavery?

While I’m recommending good posts from around the ‘hood, this Catallarchy post from Jonathan Wilde builds on Brad DeLong’s “Tale of the Serf” post nicely. Basically, Brad creates a false dichotomy (as Jonathan notes) to illustrate a point: do you care how free you are if your life is better in other ways? I agree … More Free To Choose Slavery?More Free To Choose Slavery?

LA, Wal Mart, And Dynamism

I’m really glad that Kevin Brancato has written this post on how the city of Los Angeles is going to try to keep WalMart from building within the city limits. I also absolutely love his opening two sentences: In contrast to The Washington Post, T&B believes that people living inside the City of Los Angeles … More LA, Wal Mart, And DynamismMore LA, Wal Mart, And Dynamism