Arbitraging Regulatory Uncertainty

I am pleasantly surprised to see James, Rogers, CEO of Cinergy, being frank in stating explicitly what we know: the regulatory uncertainty currently plaguing the electricity industry provides participants with arbitrage opportunities that they would not otherwise have. This uncertainty creates the opportunity for vertically integrated utilities to move assets around to where they will … More Arbitraging Regulatory UncertaintyMore Arbitraging Regulatory Uncertainty


Oh, and also to Stephen, I do remember Kennywood, fondly and vividly. My first roller coaster, my first log ride … although I don’t think that was my first post-ride motion sickness. My father will have to confirm (and he should feel free to do so in the comment box if he does recall …). … More KennywoodMore Kennywood

Maddux Is A Cub Again

Thanks to Stephen Karlson at Cold Spring Shops for pointing out that spring is around the corner as pitchers and catchers report to camp. And to make it even better, Greg Maddux is reporting to the Cubs spring training (pending a physical)!! Yeeee hah! … More Maddux Is A Cub Again

Distributed Energy Systems

Check out this Crumb Trail post on research using glucose as fuel and a microorganism as the catalyst. This research may lead to smaller-scale fuel cells and accelerate the ability to implement distributed energy systems. Making those distributed energy systems economically viable is another thing … but it is coming. … More Distributed Energy Systems