Colin Firth, Brooding, And Pittsburgh Sports Teams

It’s not very often that two of my favorite things in the world converge quite so unexpectedly as in this column from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about seeing Girl With A Pearl Earring, a “chick flick” on Valentine’s Day. Take this, for example: I’ve seen Firth brood in “Pride and Prejudice,” in “Bridget Jones’ Diary” and … More Colin Firth, Brooding, And Pittsburgh Sports TeamsMore Colin Firth, Brooding, And Pittsburgh Sports Teams

I Told Tyler I Wasn’t Going To …

So I’m at a conference here in Philadelphia with Tyler Cowen, and I told him after dinner that I was going up to my room to bed, no computer, just a phone call home. But then I got sucked in … … More I Told Tyler I Wasn’t Going To …

More On Regulatory Arbitrage

A friend of Knowledge Problem who is extremely knowledgeable about the electricity regulation and the dynamics of the industry in the past decade offers this response to my earlier post. I think he’s right: On your latest post re arbitrage, I think the spirit of your post is right, but the facts might not be. … More More On Regulatory ArbitrageMore More On Regulatory Arbitrage

Gasoline Prices, Again

Here’s an article on the complex interaction of factors that have led to a recent rise in gasoline prices in California. It’s a lot of the usual — planned and unplanned maintenance, the seasonal fuel switchover, etc. … More Gasoline Prices, Again

Econometrics Text: Stock And Watson

I agree with Alex at Marginal Revolution that Stock and Watson is an extremely good econometrics textbook. I don’t teach econometrics, but I do supervise senior theses that frequently require my consulting with students about their analyses, and Stock and Watson is very good. This is not surprising; I learned time-series econometrics from Mark Watson … More Econometrics Text: Stock And WatsonMore Econometrics Text: Stock And Watson

Competition Benefits Virginia Consumers

Check out this commentary from Monday’s Richmond Times-Dispatch. Virginia is considering returning to full regulation of its electricity industry, and this commentary by Thomas Nicholson lays out the case for why that’s a bad idea. The way the wholesale market has been designed in Virginia has some serious flaws, and Nicholson encourages Virginians not to … More Competition Benefits Virginia ConsumersMore Competition Benefits Virginia Consumers