Navarro Pinot Noir 2001

Navarro is an Anderson Valley/Mendocino winemaker, lovely, carefully made wines. Their Gewurztraminer is to die for. This Pinot Noir has a sprightly little zip on the tongue and a smokiness that is reminiscent of a young Burgundy, perhaps a Morgon. Apples in the foretaste, toasty/dusty in the middle, berries and slight carbonation in the aftertaste, … More Navarro Pinot Noir 2001More Navarro Pinot Noir 2001

Low Taxes Do What?

The Wall Street Journal is chock full of goodies this morning. I recommend special attention to Thomas Sowell’s commentary on economic literacy (subscription required). His focus is on the value that academic economists provide when they explain economic relationships to the public: Some years ago, the distinguished international-trade economist Jagdish Bhagwati was visiting Cornell University, … More Low Taxes Do What?More Low Taxes Do What?