More On Cinergy’s Broadband

I read the paper on the way to the airport, and this Wall Street Journal article from today (subscription required) provides a nice overview to the technological and commercial state of the broadband over electric business proposition. As one of the quotes says, this certainly does put another spin on the “last mile” dynamic, at … More More On Cinergy’s BroadbandMore More On Cinergy’s Broadband

KP Hiatus To Speak In Europe

I’ll be speaking on Friday at a conference in Austria, and I begin my travels this afternoon. So posting over the next week is likely to be light or nonexistent. I hope to come back with a restaurant review from Artner, the restaurant where my colleague Geoff and I are having dinner Wednesday night. TTFN! … More KP Hiatus To Speak In Europe

Broadband Over Power Lines

Cinergy has announced that they are moving forward with plans to develop and commercialize broadband over power wire service: Cinergy Corp., owner of several Midwest utilities, and privately held Current Communications Group on Tuesday said they have formed two joint ventures to provide high-speed Internet service over electric power lines. … Last week, the Federal … More Broadband Over Power LinesMore Broadband Over Power Lines

Residential Demand Response is Alive and Living in Chicago

On Friday I attended an important event in Chicago that shines an optimistic beacon into the stagnant state of electricity policy. The event was the announcement of the first year’s results of the Community Energy Cooperative’s residential demand response program. This program’s results are exciting, and should open our thoughts to a wider range of … More Residential Demand Response is Alive and Living in Chicago