Better Butter

According to this New Scientist article, feeding rapeseed (canola) oil to cows can produce butter with a better balance of unsaturated fats. Apparently the proportions in the feed have to be handled delicately, as the cow’s rumen (forestomach) contains bacteria that don’t respond well to the presence of so much canola oil. I wonder if … More Better ButterMore Better Butter

Petite Sirah And Patience

Stephen Bainbridge has an interesting post on Petite Sirah, one of my favorite grapes. I like the blackberry and boysenberry that he notes in the young PS, and I certainly like the chocolate and spices in the mature PS. It’s a yummy and versatile grape, especially if you cook on the grill a lot. He … More Petite Sirah And PatienceMore Petite Sirah And Patience

Water Use Trends

This post from Tyler Cowen from Saturday illustrates some interesting features of our water use over the past 30 years. Evidently, our aggregate water use has not changed in 20 years: The flat trend in consumption came even as the USA’s population grew and electricity production, the largest user of water, increased. Of course, one … More Water Use TrendsMore Water Use Trends

Carnival Of The Capitalists This Week At Tj’s

COTC is at TJ’s Weblog this week. I was particularly intrigued by this Geitner Simmons entry interpreting some recent import and export statistics. Who knew that almost half of the lost US exports since 2000 have come from California? That helps to explain some of the economic malaise there. And the Department of Commerce website … More Carnival Of The Capitalists This Week At Tj’sMore Carnival Of The Capitalists This Week At Tj’s