Ben Muse And Others

Tyler Cowen reminds me in one of his posts today that I don’t link to Ben Muse often enough to reflect the value I get from reading his website. I’m doing a little housecleaning today, so you’ll see Ben added to my links list, as well as Fellow Chicagoans Milt Rosenberg and Theresa the keyboard … More Ben Muse And OthersMore Ben Muse And Others

Chicago Architecture Docents

While we’re on the Chicago theme here, I’ve been meaning to post this Design Within Reach newsletter from February. DWR is opening a studio in Chicago, and to celebrate that opening they featured this article on the Chicago Architecture Foundation. CAF (of which yours truly is a member) hosts architecture tours in Chicago and suburbs, … More Chicago Architecture DocentsMore Chicago Architecture Docents

Global Chicago

Ditto on my being a spaz: check out Global Chicago, written by Michael Herman, a fellow Chicagoan. He takes a philosophical approach to design and urban space, which I find refreshingly different to read and think about. I am intrigued by his take on open space, complexity, and Hayek: The planned orders of our organizations … More Global ChicagoMore Global Chicago


Am surrounded by approx. 400 pages of environmental economics research papers. Very interesting reads and lots of good research done. This and other factors of the day jobs have contributed to the silence in these quarters this week. Should change soon. … More Grading

Chicago Report

So today I looked in my “junk” folder in my mail program, and found several emails there that are “not junk”! The negative externalities of spam, indeed. One such message was from Mike VanWinkle, editor of Chicago Report, a blog-zine focusing primarily on Chicago politics and culture. I had, of course, seen links to Chicago … More Chicago ReportMore Chicago Report