Why Are Gas Prices High And Rising?

Being systematic, here are the primary reasons for the rise in gasoline prices in March 2004: 1. High world crude oil prices. These prices are partly the consequence of conscious OPEC supply constriction to raise price. OPECís ability to do so is typically constrained by three interrelated factors: the world demand for oil, cheating on … More Why Are Gas Prices High And Rising?More Why Are Gas Prices High And Rising?

Spring Gas Price Increases: Background

In spring, our thoughts typically turn to Ö the seasonal increase in gasoline prices (what did you think I was going to say?). It all started with this New York Times article on 6 March, which noted that consumers are complaining about high and rising gas prices. They concisely summarized the most apparent causes of … More Spring Gas Price Increases: BackgroundMore Spring Gas Price Increases: Background

Mokyr On Influential Businessmen

My good friend and mentor Joel Mokyr spoke with Forbes recently about the most influential businessmen in history. The resulting article and list of people is quite interesting. To read each, click through the list on the right side of the article. The list contains two of my favorite entrepreneurs and two of the Lunar … More Mokyr On Influential BusinessmenMore Mokyr On Influential Businessmen