Coasean Bargaining, Buffalo, And Fish

OK, I’m going to rise to Ray Gifford’s bait, being the new institutional economics econ-geek that Ray believes me to be … the essay that he links to by Eric Gunning on the potential and the pitfalls associated with Coasean bargaining is a good, concise treatment of the subject. I encourage you to follow his link and read it.

On the baseball front, if I were Ray I wouldn’t be slingin’ too much mud, especially since it looks like the worst pitcher in the Cubs rotation in 2003, Shawn Estes, will be the opening day starter for the Rockies. I cringed every time he walked to the mound. Sorry, Ray, I feel for ya, buddy!

And in any case, pitchers are not in my shrine; I’m a Moises Alou woman! Although according to the New York Times, the Cubs have the pitching staff to beat this year …