Logistics, Technological Change, And Productivity

I second Virginia Postrel’s recommendation on reading David Brooks’ column on FedEx and productivity. I think he is correct. I especially like the way he says Over the next seven months, the politicos are going to argue about the economic merits of the Republican years versus the Democratic years. That’s a crime against intelligence. The … More Logistics, Technological Change, And ProductivityMore Logistics, Technological Change, And Productivity

Liberalism, Classical And Modern

Tyler Cowen has started an interesting conversation with this Volokh Conspiracy post on why he’s not a modern liberal. His discussion largely revolves around a pragmatic argument concerning immigration and welfare. Brad DeLong responds by trying to evangelize Tyler and persuade him that he really is a modern liberal. Tyler’s riposte continues the conversation. I … More Liberalism, Classical And ModernMore Liberalism, Classical And Modern

Catallarchy On A Roll

The folks at Catallarchy have been on a total roll, particularly this post on Roger Ebert channeling Ronald Coase, and this post on physics envy in mainstream economics. Brian’s physics envy post has a quote from Ludwig von Mises that I find particularly relevant to some of the more philosophical issues I’m thinking about in … More Catallarchy On A RollMore Catallarchy On A Roll