Recommended Readings

Today may be a busy day, although I have some rumblings in the cerebrum that are interesting in expectation. So in the interim I heartily recommend to you these thought-provoking and informative posts:

*Ben Muse riffing on Robert Shiller’s book about the productivity enhancements from the 19th-century IT revolution

*Craig Newmark’s comments on price discrimination at Marginal Revolution. I read the same WSJ article he did and was going to say something about it, but got busy. One other thing: we consumers try to get around price discrimination, but it’s also important to remember that in the absence of price discrimination, we’d be worse off, because suppliers would provide less and charge higher prices if they had to offer only one price. IOW, price discrimination is value enhancing for both consumers and producers.

*Craig’s post right below that on bundling and Microsoft (and thanks for the link!). See also Tyler Cowen’s post on bundling of cable channels.

*Ben Muse’s post on evaluating federal regulation, benefit-cost analysis, and the like. His analysis is good and useful, and the links he provides are very valuable (especially if you teach environmental economics, like I do!).

*Follow Virginia’s link to an essay from Camille Paglia, which I believe Tyler linked to yesterday from Volokh Conspiracy.