A Little Premature?

A series by Mike Giberson and Lynne Kiesling The government’s final report on the blackout has arrived on the doorstep of the nation’s electricity consumers just 7+ months after August 14. Doesn’t it strike you as a little early for a post-blackout baby boom? But there they are, 46 brand new, little recommendations: cute as … More A Little Premature?More A Little Premature?

Benefits Of Electricity Competition

… include less use of taxpayer money to fund the operations of Northern Illinois University, according to Stephen Karlson. In theory Illinois residential customers will all be able to enjoy the benefits of competition starting in 2006. The policy discussion over how that will look is just getting under way now. Expect to hear more … More Benefits Of Electricity CompetitionMore Benefits Of Electricity Competition

Preston Cinsault Dry Creek Valley 2002

This is a fascinating wine. For people not familiar with Cinsault (and most aren’t, because it’s usually used as a blending grape), the mouthfeel is pretty much like a silky, not too smoky, Pinot Noir. Cinsault is primarily blended with Grenache in the Tavel region of the Rhone to make a beautiful, dusty-dry rose. It’s … More Preston Cinsault Dry Creek Valley 2002More Preston Cinsault Dry Creek Valley 2002