Hitchens And Edmund Burke

While I’m blathering on about The Atlantic, I recommend Christopher Hitchens’s review of a new edition of Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France. I have not always liked Hitchens’s writing style, which sometimes has veered into too much pompous asperity for my taste. But I love his long-format book reviews like this one. I … More Hitchens And Edmund BurkeMore Hitchens And Edmund Burke

Wired Interview With Steven Levitt

The April issue of Wired had a nice little interview with economist phenom Steven Levitt. … More Wired Interview With Steven Levitt

Electricity Reform In Mexico?

So I was in Mexico last week, conveniently enough while Mike was posting our blackout report commentaries, speaking at a conference sponsored by the Mexican Congress on electricity industry reform. Mexico’s industry is state-owned, and is a substantial drag on the coffers of the Treaasury, which has amassed a large debt with the electric company’s … More Electricity Reform In Mexico?More Electricity Reform In Mexico?

Cafe Hayek, And “Perfection”

Not surprisingly, I am really enjoying Russ Roberts’ and Don Boudreaux’s Cafe Hayek. Take, for example, Don Boudreaux’s recent post on Kerry’s reinvocation of the misery index, a 70s concept that should have, like Seals & Crofts and Hall & Oates, stayed in the 70s: One of my most powerful memories of the 1970s is … More Cafe Hayek, And “Perfection”More Cafe Hayek, And “Perfection”

The House Curse Is Lifted

The curse is gone. No, not the goat or black cat curse on the Cubs (for all we know that’s still there!) — the KP house-buying curse. In the past two years we’ve tried 3 times to buy a house: 1. 1924 Chicago bungalow, beautifully renovated, 2 blocks from current location. Got a contract. Inspection: … More The House Curse Is LiftedMore The House Curse Is Lifted