Good Stuff In Wsj Today

Here at the Admiral’s Club, read the paper on the train here … the front page article on what American retailers can learn from British retailers (subscription required) is very interesting. It only obliquely refers to one challenge facing American department stores, particularly in large cities — lots of people, women especially, can buy similar … More Good Stuff In Wsj TodayMore Good Stuff In Wsj Today

Goin’ To Santa Monica

I’m off later this morning to a Liberty Fund conference on the works of Armen Alchian. Posting as possible. But heck, I’ll be in Santa Monica, right near the beach. Nothing personal, but … … More Goin’ To Santa Monica


Here’s an interesting story about Netflix, complete with an inane quote from “choice paralyzes us” Barry Schwartz. I love Netflix. What Schwartz and the other choice nannies in the world fail to appreciate is that having this choice, while increasing my options, makes my life so much more relaxed and my entertainment options so much … More NetflixMore Netflix