Fishing And Aquaculture Technology

This article from the May issue of Wired is a fascinating look at technological innovation in aquaculture and open-sea fish farming. The article has a lot of detail on problems of overfishing and how innovation (not bureaucracy) is addressing the problem in the face of ever-increasing human demands for animal protein. … More Fishing And Aquaculture Technology

“Salting”, Or Is That “Ironing”, The Oceans

More ocean stuff, this time to do with CO2 … last week Nature published an article on results from a study that put iron-rich fertilizer in the ocean near Antarctica. A team of oceanographers from Californian marine research institutes dropped 1.7 tonnes of iron sulphate in the sea as part of the Southern Ocean Iron … More “Salting”, Or Is That “Ironing”, The OceansMore “Salting”, Or Is That “Ironing”, The Oceans

Fisheries In The News

There’s been a lot of discussion and analysis lately of fisheries and fishery policy. In many ways fisheries represent the quintessential “tragedy of the commons” (or what I prefer to call “tragedy of open access”) because treating fish populations as an open access resource has led to overfishing of many species as human populations have … More Fisheries In The NewsMore Fisheries In The News