Harry Potter Update

I knew I wasn’t alone when I came into the department earlier this week and saw that someone (I know who!) labeled a storage closet near the men’s room the “Chamber of Secrets” … Anyway, Gary Oldman will be on NBC’s Today Show on Monday 31 May. I have two friends who say that they … More Harry Potter UpdateMore Harry Potter Update

Living Parallel Lives

So we are in a temporary, furnished apartment while we have some serious work done on the house. We decided to take this as an opportunity to live in a neighborhood in which we wouldn’t otherwise live: Old Town. One of the interesting architectural features of the neighborhood is the number of old worker’s cottages … More Living Parallel LivesMore Living Parallel Lives

Joys Of Homeownership: The Big Box Store

One thing about owning a 1929 house with a yard, as opposed to a 1999 new construction condo, is that you get quite familiar with the large box home retailers. We have lots of Home Depots around us and a Lowe’s about a 20-minute drive into a suburb. We have new homeowner 10% off coupons … More Joys Of Homeownership: The Big Box StoreMore Joys Of Homeownership: The Big Box Store

Joys Of Homeownership: Entrepreneurship

So the first thing I do on Wednesday morning when we start working on the house was to rake the forlorn front lawn to free it of cigarette butts, old toys, hunks of concrete, etc. My husband was taking a whack at the two-foot tall weeds in the backyard with a weed whacker, which I … More Joys Of Homeownership: EntrepreneurshipMore Joys Of Homeownership: Entrepreneurship

The Joys Of Homeownership: Transaction Costs

There is nothing like a house closing to reinforce the point that transaction costs are real, and large. I am astounded at the layers and complexities of the transaction costs in real estate transactions. Even our lawyer, who has a lovely and well-honed sardonic sense of humor, looked at some of the papers we had … More The Joys Of Homeownership: Transaction CostsMore The Joys Of Homeownership: Transaction Costs

Moving Day

Monday’s closing day and moving day, so I’ll be a wee bit distracted for the immediate future. Cross your fingers! … More Moving Day

Another Friday Night

I am flying back from Aspen today, hopefully early enough to avoid O’Hare ground holds. I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but decided to wait until my anger subsided to post it, to give me time to edit out some of the more imprudent statements. Another Friday Night Another Friday night, another ground … More Another Friday NightMore Another Friday Night

The Perennial Gale Of Creative Destruction

One of the readings for today at the PFF IRLE workshop is Chapters 6-8 of the “Can Capitalism Survive?” section of Schumpeter’s Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy. I think this is one of the most important economic works ever written, notwithstanding the fact that much of Schumpeter’s doom and gloom fear for the future of capitalism … More The Perennial Gale Of Creative DestructionMore The Perennial Gale Of Creative Destruction

Quelle Surprise

The French government finally acknowledges that the mandatory 35-hour work week is a financial disaster. Nor has it achieved its purported objective, the reduction of the unemployment rate in France. Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the link to the article. … More Quelle Surprise

Lao-tzu On Leadership

I am in Aspen, Colorado this week, teaching at the Progress & Freedom Foundation’s Institute for Regulatory Law & Economics. We are spending the day doing a variety of different types of economic experiments. In our meeting room there is a quote from Lao-tzu on leadership that I’ve always liked: A leader is best When … More Lao-tzu On LeadershipMore Lao-tzu On Leadership