Gas Prices Follow Oil Prices Down

Because of house and work I’ve missed much of the gas price hoopla over the past month. Others have been paying attention, though, and I recommend this post from Steve Verdon for its wealth of quantitative analysis and information. Retail gasoline prices react to crude oil prices in a “rocket and feathers” pattern: when crude … More Gas Prices Follow Oil Prices DownMore Gas Prices Follow Oil Prices Down

This Wired article profiles <a href=”; Musicians who want to share and promote their music on the Net have yet another tool to help them reach eager listeners. — a site that both hosts independent music and uses a peer-review process to identify hot bands — is offering the Creative Commons Music Sharing License … More Garageband.comMore

Hooray For Tampa !?!

Stupid me, what’s my favorite sport? Hockey. What happened last night? Game 7. Who arranged the Harry Potter schedule? Me. Doh! But the highlights looked great. I was pulling for Tampa because I think they generally play a cleaner game than Calgary, and it’s great to have players like Dave Andreychuk hoist the Cup after … More Hooray For Tampa !?!More Hooray For Tampa !?!

Prisoner Of Azkaban

Saw POA last night, loved it. The filter color change in the filming made the whole atmosphere appropriately more gothic. Gary Oldman lived up to my high expectations as Sirius; he managed to be an over-the-top madman at points and a compassionate and generous person at others, hard to carry off. Loved the Dementors. Loved … More Prisoner Of AzkabanMore Prisoner Of Azkaban