A Brief House Update

Let’s see … the house is totally overwhelming. Some of the walls on the 2nd floor and the living room ceiling had some seriously degraded plaster, so our main wall guys have had to spend a lot more time (and a lot more of our money) rescuing the plaster than we had forseen. But it’s … More A Brief House UpdateMore A Brief House Update

Social Change Workshop

I am in Charlottesville, attending the Institute for Humane Studies Social Change Workshop, where I will be speaking on Thursday on a couple of things from my current research. More on that later … … More Social Change Workshop

Making Markets In Morels

Today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required) has a great front-page article on morel mushroom hunters. It highlights one in particular, and gives a lot of insights into how these entrepreneurs make markets, and make markets work better. When he loaded his family into a beat-up white Chevy van and drove here in May from his … More Making Markets In MorelsMore Making Markets In Morels