A Brief House Update

Let’s see … the house is totally overwhelming. Some of the walls on the 2nd floor and the living room ceiling had some seriously degraded plaster, so our main wall guys have had to spend a lot more time (and a lot more of our money) rescuing the plaster than we had forseen.

But it’s going to be great. The place is built like a tank. The new ductless air conditioning is in, the outlets are all rewired and any fire hazards have been eliminated, the plumbing has been spruced up and rerouted a little bit.

And I planted a tree, a cute little dwarf Japanese maple (green, not red) at the northeast corner of the house.

It is taking more of my intellectual and emotional energy than I had anticipated, especially since we’re likely to have about two weeks of additional time spent in temporary housing living out of boxes.

More later, gotta run to hear a talk from Doug North, Barry Weingast, and Avner Greif.