A (Hopefully Temporary) Change In Comment Policy

For the moment I have closed comments as the default, although I will probably open the most recent ones manually. In the past 4 days I’ve been comment spammed to the tune of 16,000 comments. And that’s with half of the posts already being closed! Once we get my computers up and running at home … More A (Hopefully Temporary) Change In Comment PolicyMore A (Hopefully Temporary) Change In Comment Policy

Mutually Beneficial Pedantry

On Tuesday I had a pedantic experience very similar to the one that Russ Roberts had in Provincetown with his daughter. I was in Linens ‘n Things, as one is when one moves house, and I ended up with more things in my hand than I expected. So I went back to the front for … More Mutually Beneficial PedantryMore Mutually Beneficial Pedantry

Does Lance Rock Or What?

There were a few cyclists at the IHS seminar at Bryn Mawr, and a few others following the Tour, so I did a good job of keeping up with the news through Friday. With the move (and the absence of DSL as of yet in the new home) I missed Lance’s outstanding sprint finish in … More Does Lance Rock Or What?More Does Lance Rock Or What?

Risk Taking And Our Renovation Contract

One of the intellectually interesting things to me about this house renovation experience has been our relationship with the plaster and wood renovator. He and his team have done a great job with our walls, many of which needed some serious TLC, and the wood looks amazing. The economic side of it, though, has not … More Risk Taking And Our Renovation ContractMore Risk Taking And Our Renovation Contract

The Homestead

Well … the move-in occurred Monday. Painless, really; much less arduous than moving out of the 4th-floor walkup condo. But the place is in total disarray, the DSL line hasn’t been installed yet, and I spent most of Tuesday making the bathroom functional, although we haven’t installed the medicine cabinet yet and my husband had … More The HomesteadMore The Homestead