More On V2g Technology

Mike Giberson On Sunday, I read the same Randall Parker post on “Vehicle to Grid” technology that Lynne discusses below. Then, just about 90 minutes later, the power went out in my neighborhood. Coincidence? Monday morning I spent a few minutes chasing down links and reading a few concept papers. Pretty cool stuff. Here is … More More On V2g TechnologyMore More On V2g Technology

V2g Technology

Lynne Kiesling Randall Parker had a great post on Friday about hybrid and electric vehicles as electricity generation sources. Think about it: you come home from work, plug your car into your house, and use it to augment whatever other source of electricity you have, whether it’s your own generator, a neighborhood combined heat and … More V2g TechnologyMore V2g Technology

Scottish Music For Tyler

Lynne Kiesling In a post on his favorite things Scottish, Tyler Cowen comes up empty when looking for a favorite Scottish band. I heartily recommend Snow Patrol. Jangly guitar, lyrics that are not banal, lyrical but not too melodic composition. Kind of in the intersection of Coldplay, Pearl Jam (and I largely say that because … More Scottish Music For TylerMore Scottish Music For Tyler

Zebra Mussels And Mike Leavitt

Lynne Kiesling Here’s an interesting article on zebra mussels in the Great Lakes, and EPA Director Mike Leavitt’s face-to-face introduction to our little invasive species critters. Handling a zebra mussel while hearing two longtime anglers say how the mussels have hurt fishing in the lake was the kind of experience Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds, R-Clarence, … More Zebra Mussels And Mike LeavittMore Zebra Mussels And Mike Leavitt