Women’s Shoe Design

Lynne Kiesling Virginia Postrel had links late last week to a couple of stories that are near and dear to my soul, I mean, soles: women’s footwear. Now, as anyone who knows me personally knows, in my simplified Principles-of-Economics utility function, there are two goods: shoes and yarn. Sometimes it’s shoes and pizza, but usually … More Women’s Shoe DesignMore Women’s Shoe Design

Q: What Do Economists Do?

A: Make a lot of graphs. A Post reporter discusses the economy with two economists from Washington-based think tanks, Kevin Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute and Jared Bernstein of the Economic Policy Institute. At one point Bernstein asks Hassett, “You ever have your kid ask you what you do for a living? It’s much … More Q: What Do Economists Do?More Q: What Do Economists Do?

The Other Recent “Dutch Auction” Ipo

Michael Giberson Jerry Knight, business columnist for the Washington Post, reports on the other “Dutch Auction” IPO. While Google has had most of the press, New River Pharmaceuticals Inc. also went public this August via the open IPO. Knight reports that New River collected $33.6 million by selling 4.2 million shares. (Roughly 2% of the … More The Other Recent “Dutch Auction” IpoMore The Other Recent “Dutch Auction” Ipo

Wine Wars

Lynne Kiesling Todd Zywicki’s return to private life includes an eight-part series of posts on the legal history of wine shipment regulation and interstate commerce in the U.S. over at The Volokh Conspiracy. As a public service, and to increase the probability of more people reading Todd’s wonderful and illuminating analysis, here are the links … More Wine WarsMore Wine Wars