History Of High Heels

Lynne Kiesling In the comments to my recent post on high heels, dmoss asked when high-heeled shoes became fashionable for women. I seem to recall some archeological evidence of high heels in Egyptian culture, but I can’t document it. I did, however, find a link to shoe research and shoe museums, with some documentation of … More History Of High HeelsMore History Of High Heels

Human Ingenuity And New Business Models

Lynne Kiesling Micha Ghertner had a post commenting on the programmer who outsourced his own job to India. This is a great example of the value creation of mutually beneficial arrangements. It’s so great, in fact, that it reminds me of one of the canonical examples of such ingeneuity, from Adam Smith: But in consequence … More Human Ingenuity And New Business ModelsMore Human Ingenuity And New Business Models

Consulting The Oracle Ii

Michael Giberson In the comments responding to my post Consulting the Oracle, discussion has centered around the increasing invisibility of information not made available online. In a response I speculated that, “because internet searching can give so much return for so little investment, a trip to the library or even cracking open a book can … More Consulting The Oracle IiMore Consulting The Oracle Ii

Jane Austen: A Love Story

Lynne Kiesling This cute article from Sunday’s Washington Post is an overview of the depth and variety with which we’ve been experiencing our love of Jane Austen, at least for the past century. For the most recent upsurge the author credits Colin Firth’s portrayal of Mr. Darcy in the 1995 BBC production. While I am … More Jane Austen: A Love StoryMore Jane Austen: A Love Story