Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Lynne Kiesling Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is a great example of private initiative and willingness to “walk the talk” in private “internalization” of environmental “externalities” (for background on why I am putting these things in quotes, see this post on the Energy Star certification and irrelevant externalities, this post on network reliability as a public good, … More Hawk Mountain SanctuaryMore Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Ingenuity Beats Scarcity

Lynne Kiesling I’ve been spending the past few days revising my Environmental Economics course in preparation for fall quarter, so my mind is in an environmental place right now. One of the inspiring things I’ve read this week is this Rocky Mountain News oped from Terry Anderson at PERC. Terry discusses how human ingeneuity and … More Ingenuity Beats ScarcityMore Ingenuity Beats Scarcity