Bad Thoughts And The Power Of The Mind

Michael Giberson

A posting by Max Borders on The Commons mentioned this interview with Jamie Whyte in the New Scientist. I found Whyte’s comments both incisive and amusing, so Googled his book Bad Thoughts and eventually ended up at Amazon’s U.S. website.

On Amazon I was (again) amused to see, under the heading “Customers interested in Bad Thoughts may also be interested in,” a listing for a text called The Power of the Mind which was described with the tagline: “Science has proven you can use your mind to create anything you wish!”

I followed the link to a website ( promoting the text to learn more about how science has proven I could use my mind to create anything I want. There I read that:

During a recent study involving research analysts, metaphysicians, scientists, as well as a diverse group of religious advocates, all members came to the same conclusion: “For the first time in our history, we can now agree, there seems to be just one ‘secret’ which can actually create what we desire.”

Unlike most scientists, who usually are quite anxious to have their names attached to major scientific discoveries, the scientists involved in this project want to remain anonymous. In fact, the only actual name cited in a so-called news article about the “secret” was Daniel Daybre, described as a researcher in metaphysics. I was astounded by the audacity of the fallacious reasoning on display at this website, and then I imagined an interview between Jamie Whyte and Daniel Daybre and amused myself for the third time.

Read the New Scientist interview, then visit, then imagine the interview. Are you amused? Good.