How Do I Love Jon Stewart, Let Me Count The Ways …

Lynne Kiesling

This transcript at Wonkette of Stewart’s appearance on the O’Reilly Factor reveals a lot about both men. And it’s a very entertaining read … according to O’Reilly, I’m a stoned slacker who is intoxicated while watching the Daily Show (or at least the probability of this being so is approximately 0.87). Anyone who knows me personally is laughing their tail off at this point, I’m sure! Actually, I’m most likely to be found knitting while watching the Daily Show (lately it’s been this lacy number, in laceweight variegated Italian kid mohair), and perhaps enjoying a little uisge beatha, preferably from Islay.

The interview does supply evidence consistent with my preconception that Bill O’Reilly is narrow-minded and mean-spirited, and that Jon Stewart is ha-freakin’-larious (as well as being downright cute and a William & Mary alum, yay!).

Thanks to 1.21 Gigawatts for the link.