Arthur’s Seat

Lynne Kiesling Please join me in welcoming my dear old (and yes, it’s depressing to say that!) friend Adam to the Internet at Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s Seat is one of the most dramatic geologic features of Edinburgh, and thus forms the theme for Adam’s commentary from Scotland, on Scotland and beyond. He writes beautifully, and … More Arthur’s SeatMore Arthur’s Seat

First Steel, Now Clothing?

Lynne Kiesling This can’t be good. The Bush administration has agreed to consider import limitations on cotton trousers and shorts from China, according to this New York Times article from Saturday (registration required). American manufacturers and the labor union representing textile workers have been pressing for help in advance of the lifting of all trade … More First Steel, Now Clothing?More First Steel, Now Clothing?

Back In The Saddle, Kinda

Lynne Kiesling Six straight weeks of either conference or houseguests … and this weekend involved both! I came home Friday from a very cool conference on ethics and changing energy markets to my visiting in-laws. It’s a nice autumnal weekend here in Chicago, so we are having fun; today will be carving the jack-o-lantern for … More Back In The Saddle, KindaMore Back In The Saddle, Kinda

Proper-coaseans And Property-coaseans

Michael Giberson On the PFF blog, Tom Lenard comments on Larry Lessig’s article, “Coase’s First Question,” [PDF] in the current issue of Regulation. Lenard summarizes Lessig’s distinction between “Proper-Coaseans” and “Property-Coaseans” in this way: Lessig argues that “proper-Coaseans” first ask the question of whether the resource in question should be the subject of property at … More Proper-coaseans And Property-coaseansMore Proper-coaseans And Property-coaseans

Essays On The Scottish Enlightenment

Lynne Kiesling Over at Two Blowhards, Michael has a really nice and informative post on the Scottish Enlightenment, and its contrast with the French Enlightenment: My hunch about why we feel the post-Enlightenment pinch as acutely as we do is that the Enlightenment most of us know is the French Enlightenment. And those French, forever … More Essays On The Scottish EnlightenmentMore Essays On The Scottish Enlightenment

Tit-For-Tat Ain’t Dead

Michael Giberson Ever since I saw a note about it on Transterrestrial Musings a week ago, I’ve been meaning to write about the Prisoners’ Dilemma tournament organized at the University of Nottingham. For some 20 years, the simple tit-for-tat strategy has reigned as champion over all comers in iterated prisoners’ dilemma games. As Wired describes … More Tit-For-Tat Ain’t DeadMore Tit-For-Tat Ain’t Dead

What I Learned About Energy Use In The Us From My Students

Lynne Kiesling I asked my freshman seminar to write an essay about energy use in the US in the past 50 years based on this EIA data table showing GDP in 2000 dollars, energy consumption in BTUs, population, and other stuff. Here’s what I (and they) learned from the experience. Total energy consumption in the … More What I Learned About Energy Use In The Us From My StudentsMore What I Learned About Energy Use In The Us From My Students

Google Further Enhances My Productivity

Lynne Kiesling Kevin Brancato is actually the one who has enhanced my productivity by posting on Google’s new tool for searching your hard disk. For people like me who are constantly on the knife’s edge of organization, this is the bee’s knees! … More Google Further Enhances My Productivity

Evidence For Economics

Michael Giberson Does economics matter? For an assessment that says a once esoteric economic modeling technique — rational expectations — led to better policy practice, see David Warsh’s Economic Principals column, “A Day in the Life of Ed Prescott.” … More Evidence For Economics

Redskin Home Game Election Predictor

Michael Giberson From out of the depths of data mining comes this amazing fact: “If the Redskins win their last home game before the election, the party that occupies the White House continues to hold it; if the Redskins lose that last home game, the challenging party’s candidate unseats the incumbent president.” (From, via … More Redskin Home Game Election PredictorMore Redskin Home Game Election Predictor