The Lighthouse In Economics

Lynne Kiesling Over at the Adam Smith Institute blog Eamonn Butler had a post on the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, a famous example that has been used first to illustrate and then to debunk the traditional argument in favor of centralized provision of so-called public goods: There was a time, a century ago, when the … More The Lighthouse In EconomicsMore The Lighthouse In Economics

Adam Thierer On The FCC

Lynne Kiesling As a follow-up to my recent post on FCC content regulation, I recommend this column by Adam Thierer on the same topic, and making similar arguments. Anyone who cares about the First Amendment and press freedom should find this chilling. Apparently, “Congress shall make no law” abridging press freedom now has several caveats. … More Adam Thierer On The FCCMore Adam Thierer On The FCC

Stephenson, Gioia, Kooser

Michael Giberson Three writers, each in some way suggesting an interplay between economy and literature. Lynne’s mention of Cryptonomicon reminded me that Neal Stephenson was on the Mall last Saturday participating in the National Book Festival. He filled up the Sci Fi and Fantasy tent with a crowd of enthusiastic readers. I arrived a few … More Stephenson, Gioia, KooserMore Stephenson, Gioia, Kooser