Adam Thierer On The FCC

Lynne Kiesling

As a follow-up to my recent post on FCC content regulation, I recommend this column by Adam Thierer on the same topic, and making similar arguments.

Anyone who cares about the First Amendment and press freedom should find this chilling. Apparently, “Congress shall make no law” abridging press freedom now has several caveats. Congress shall make no law unless they think media is “too big,” or unless they don’t like some of the content they see or hear, or unless they want to investigate newsgathering practices by a major news anchor many congressmen have long despised.

I think Adam’s right that this bifurcation of the First Amendment cannot persist, and I hope that the courts decide to end the bifurcation by throwing out the actions that are inconsistent with the First Amendment.

Link via The Technology Liberation Front, where Adam and other superb technology writers ply their craft.