Google Further Enhances My Productivity

Lynne Kiesling Kevin Brancato is actually the one who has enhanced my productivity by posting on Google’s new tool for searching your hard disk. For people like me who are constantly on the knife’s edge of organization, this is the bee’s knees! … More Google Further Enhances My Productivity

Evidence For Economics

Michael Giberson Does economics matter? For an assessment that says a once esoteric economic modeling technique — rational expectations — led to better policy practice, see David Warsh’s Economic Principals column, “A Day in the Life of Ed Prescott.” … More Evidence For Economics

Redskin Home Game Election Predictor

Michael Giberson From out of the depths of data mining comes this amazing fact: “If the Redskins win their last home game before the election, the party that occupies the White House continues to hold it; if the Redskins lose that last home game, the challenging party’s candidate unseats the incumbent president.” (From, via … More Redskin Home Game Election PredictorMore Redskin Home Game Election Predictor