Back In The Saddle, Kinda

Lynne Kiesling

Six straight weeks of either conference or houseguests … and this weekend involved both! I came home Friday from a very cool conference on ethics and changing energy markets to my visiting in-laws. It’s a nice autumnal weekend here in Chicago, so we are having fun; today will be carving the jack-o-lantern for the trick-or-treat activities, and also taking our kayaks out and storing them for the season. That’s always a bit depressing, but at least this year we have a garage in which to store them and don’t have to impose on the generosity and kindness of our friends!

So the rest of the fall and early winter are not going to be quite so insane, I hope … and I know Mike’s been busy too. I’ve also been a little self-censoring because I’ve been chewing on some deep conceptual issues having to do with regulation of network industries, incumbency, status quo bias, etc. … I’m beginning to think that they are ready for the light of day, so will try to frame them and put them out here for general discussion and refinement over the next couple of weeks.

This should mean more fresh content here, soon. Gotta deal with kayaks and pumpkins today, though!