Competitive Electric Transmission

Lynne Kiesling Well, I must have crossed to the dark side too, because I would have like to attended the FERC technical conference today that Mike mentioned in his post below. However, since I couldn’t do so, as a substitute I offer this Reason Public Policy Institute study that Adrian Moore and I wrote on … More Competitive Electric TransmissionMore Competitive Electric Transmission

FERC’s Transmission Pricing Policy

Michael Giberson In other FERC news, Platt’s is reporting that Chairman Pat Wood said the Commission would soon approve a policy statement to encourage transmission owners to either join regional transmission operators or completely divest their transmission to a third party. Wood told Platts Monday that the agency at its Dec 15 open meeting will … More FERC’s Transmission Pricing PolicyMore FERC’s Transmission Pricing Policy

Transmission Market Power And Barriers To Entry

Michael Giberson Maybe it is a sign that I have a warped soul, or perhaps I have gone over to the dark side. Whatever. In any case, what sounds really interesting and fun to do today would be attending a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission technical conference on Transmission Market Power and Barriers to Entry. Alas, … More Transmission Market Power And Barriers To EntryMore Transmission Market Power And Barriers To Entry

Free The Grapes!

Lynne Kiesling The Supreme Court is hearing the interstate wine shipment case today. Two widely-read newspapers opine on the matter, and both agree: free the grapes! From the USA Today: The wine issue is not just a narrow legal one, but part of a broad pattern of state laws designed to shield well-connected industries from … More Free The Grapes!More Free The Grapes!