Methinks Thou Art Too O’erhasty, Madam

Lynne Kiesling Upon reflection, I think I may have been a little too harsh on Justice Souter, given that the transcripts are not out yet. He may have been referring to “you” as the state of New York getting ripped off on tax revenues. I stand by my claim, though, that patronizing paternalism is one … More Methinks Thou Art Too O’erhasty, MadamMore Methinks Thou Art Too O’erhasty, Madam

Going To My Hometown

Lynne Kiesling As Mike mentioned, we are headed to Pittsburgh next week to participate in an electricity transmission conference at Carnegie-Mellon University. I’m thrilled, in part because the conference looks exciting and in part because I’m from Pittsburgh, and I love goin’ home. Pittsburgh is one of the most fascinating places I can imagine, particularly … More Going To My HometownMore Going To My Hometown

More On The Wine Case

Lynne Kiesling For more on the Supreme Court’s hearing of oral arguments in the interstate wine shipment case, please see Todd Zywicki’s handicapping of how the Justices are likely to vote, and Dahlia Lithwick’s Slate column that offers a spirited and heady summary of yesterday’s arguments. The one that really chaps my shorts is this … More More On The Wine CaseMore More On The Wine Case

Not A Conservative

Lynne Kiesling I am glad to see from Virginia Postrel’s recent post that Mark Edmundson is being introduced to Hayek, albeit at perhaps a later stage in his lifelong education than may be befitting the power and importance of Hayek’s ideas. However, I must pick one nit that always grates on me when I see … More Not A ConservativeMore Not A Conservative