Competitive Dynamics At Pittsburgh International Airport

Lynne Kiesling When I was back in my hometown in December for a conference, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth about the future for US Airways. Bankruptcy, etc. Over dinner when I got home I speculated to the KP Spouse about whether or not Pittsburgh would be an attractive city for Southwest Airlines. … More Competitive Dynamics At Pittsburgh International AirportMore Competitive Dynamics At Pittsburgh International Airport

Comment Goofiness

Lynne Kiesling We’re having comment goofiness here at KP (and of course the timing couldn’t have been worse), so please be patient. Thanks! UPDATE: Fixed. The KP Spouse absolutely, completely, unequivocally rocks. … More Comment Goofiness

Rock Is Dead: Long Live Paper, Scissors

Michael Giberson The switch of local rock radio station WHFS to spanish pop has spurred a number of stories in the local media. Many have noted, as Lynne did, that the station was no longer what it used to be. (See Marc Fisher’s column from the Sunday Post: In a Way, WHFS Was Already Gone.) … More Rock Is Dead: Long Live Paper, ScissorsMore Rock Is Dead: Long Live Paper, Scissors

Light Posting

Lynne Kiesling Teaching today and Thursday (we’re starting Wealth of Nations today, yay!), running experiments all week, and I have an obnoxious head cold that is interfering with my sleep. Light posting is the likely consequence. Stay warm! … More Light Posting

Vino Venue

Lynne Kiesling Wired also has an article this morning about VinoVenue, a wine bar in San Francisco that opened in September 2004. The cool thing about VinoVenue is that you buy a smartcard and go around to the stations, inserting your card and having a taste automatically dispensed. The card records which wines you tasted, … More Vino VenueMore Vino Venue

Cell Phone Shushing

Lynne Kiesling Wired has an interesting article today about creative means of cell phone shushing, linking to the SHHH cards that I discussed here in December. … More Cell Phone Shushing