The Wgn Weather Blog

Lynne Kiesling I am a geek of many stripes — econ geek, shoe geek, yarn geek, and so on. I am also a weather geek. I love the Weather Channel, I love the NOAA website, and above all I love Tom Skilling, Chicago’s most famous weather forecaster. He brings an intellectual fascination to weather forecasting … More The Wgn Weather BlogMore The Wgn Weather Blog

Some Fresh Brain Candy

Lynne Kiesling While noodling about this morning over my cup of tea, I wandered into some places that I should mention. Some are new to me, some are places I go and just don’t mention. 1. Grant McCracken’s This Blog Sits At the Intersection of Anthropology & Economics. One of those funny things, really; I … More Some Fresh Brain CandyMore Some Fresh Brain Candy

Revolutions In Knowledge, Useful And Otherwise

Lynne Kiesling Today Wired News has an interesting commentary entitled “Like It or Not, Blogs Have Legs”, from Adam Penenberg of the NYU School of Journalism. In addition to his sharing my dislike of the word “blog”, Penenberg shares with me a lot of beliefs and perspectives on how meaningful and valuable this current gale … More Revolutions In Knowledge, Useful And OtherwiseMore Revolutions In Knowledge, Useful And Otherwise