FCC Chairman Michael Powell To Resign

Michael Giberson

Just yesterday The Economist said, “By all rights, Michael Powell ought to be thoroughly fed up. …Yet fresh from the ritzy Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Mr Powell seems as full of zest for public office as ever.”

Maybe not.

Overnight, reports have begun appearing in online media saying that Powell would resign later today.

Telecom analysts should stay by their phone, sound bites at the ready, for reporters will soon be canvasing for opinions, yea or nay, on Powell’s tenure. In a brave, but likely doomed effort to have Powell remembered for something other than the reaction to Janet Jackson’s wardrobe, the Progress & Freedom Foundation has issued a press release praising Powell for his pro-consumer legacy.

UPDATE: Reason’s Hit and Run blog also got the PFF press release. Editor Nick Gillespie notes the magazine’s interview with Powell, which appeared in the December 2004 issue.