Alex On Copenhagen Consensus

Lynne Kiesling While we’re in an earthy vein here, I recommend Alex’s recent post at Marginal Revolution on the purported dissent from the Copenhagen Consensus. So the mild dissent comes from concern that the person who did the study overestimated the costs of climate change. Interesting. … More Alex On Copenhagen Consensus

Conservation Through Private Initiative

Lynne Kiesling In a new Reason study, Michael DeAlessi explores how private individuals and the organizations they form have provided beneficial wildlife and land conservation, and how they use performance measures to promote these incentives: Human ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit underlie most conservation success stories. Under private ownership and stewardship, problem-solvers become remarkably resourceful … More Conservation Through Private InitiativeMore Conservation Through Private Initiative

Encaustic Tile

Lynne Kiesling Sitting here at O’Hare, 6 AM … today’s A Word A Day word is encaustic: encaustic (en-KO-stik) adjective A method of painting using pigments with wax fixed onto the surface by heat. [From Latin encausticus, from Greek enkaustikos, from enkaiein (to burn in), from en- + (kaiein) to burn. Some distant cousins of … More Encaustic TileMore Encaustic Tile