Wsj’s Risky Proposals And Sweetheart Deals For Valentine’s Day

Lynne Kiesling

Today the Wall Street Journal had a story about students writing poetry inspired by WSJ stories (subscription required) for Emily Farrell’s English class in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. The story included excerpts from some of the poems. My favorite:

The thing about technology is
A public with mobile cellphones
That is Internet based and
Googles anyone
Doesn’t quite get the appeal of
You and I,
Knowing the rules of engagement
Concocting the games
Not one-hit-wonders, us;
You are addictive.
You and I,
Vibrant and excited
Unlimited frontiers
An epic success story of
This PC world
(Personally, googling you,
the hits just keep coming.)
— Danielle Jubic, from “Tech’s Next Big Thing?”