Subsidies Benefit Whom?!?

Lynne Kiesling According to documents that the Guardian accessed through freedom of information access, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles received over GBP1 million in EU agricultural subsidies over the past two years. Remind me again of how subsidies help the poor, struggling small farmer …? Hat tip to Matt Welch at Hit & Run. UPDATE: … More Subsidies Benefit Whom?!?More Subsidies Benefit Whom?!?

Reason’s Critique Of Pure Riesling

Lynne Kiesling Kerry Howley’s essay on the documentary Mondovino at Reason is a very enjoyable read that captures some of both the economics and culture of winemaking. I also like its witty title! Howley discusses the main contrast in the film, between anti-globalism winemaker Aimé Guibert and global entrepreneur Robert Mondavi. Howley’s conclusion piques my … More Reason’s Critique Of Pure RieslingMore Reason’s Critique Of Pure Riesling

Some More Overdue Links To Good Reads

Lynne Kiesling Been busy and doing my best Gumby stretched-in-all-directions impersonation … but have updated the links list on the left. Please note the additions of (in no particular order) Fey Accompli, The Sports Economist, Mahalanobis, Economics Roundtable, Peak Oil Optimist, IP Central, and The Eclectic Econoclast. … More Some More Overdue Links To Good Reads

Will California See Blackouts This Summer?

Lynne Kiesling No, it’s not 2001 again (thank goodness). But the Pacific Northwest has had a very dry winter, with almost no snowpack to speak of and little rain, so the reservoirs that power the hydroelectric plants that provide California with a good chunk of its power are going to be hard pressed to do … More Will California See Blackouts This Summer?More Will California See Blackouts This Summer?

Embrace The Complexity

Lynne Kiesling Russ Roberts has an absolutely wonderful essay at Café Hayek. Russ uses a recent FedEx transaction, and how sure he was that his package would arrive unmolested and on time, as a starting point: My lack of worry at FedEx is different. It can’t be trust. There are too many people touching my … More Embrace The ComplexityMore Embrace The Complexity

BPL Legislation In Texas

Lynne Kiesling A bill pending in the Texas Senate would open up the market for broadband over power lines in the state, according to this Ft. Worth Star Telegram article from Monday. Note in this excerpt that the issue of who pays for the service and why they pay for it is present, as it … More BPL Legislation In TexasMore BPL Legislation In Texas

Extreme Ironing

Lynne Kiesling I’m glad that Eugene Volokh is so intrigued by extreme ironing, and it tickles me because the KP Spouse bought the Extreme Ironing 2005 Wall Calendar before Christmas. It’s a riot! Sadly for me, he took it to work. … More Extreme Ironing

How Cool Is This? Nanotech Hydrogen Storage

Lynne Kiesling Randall Parker at FuturePundit has a post about using nanoscale silica to release hydrogen from ammonia borane, and how that technology could lead to more feasible hydrogen storage for vehicles and other uses. This interesting finding is a result of research at Pacific Northwest National Lab. … More How Cool Is This? Nanotech Hydrogen Storage

Upper Class Twit Of The Year

Lynne Kiesling Upper Class Twit of the Year. I can’t believe I forgot that in my list. Dang. Shooting tied-down game, taking the bras off of debutantes, waking the neighbors by slamming the door of your XKE Jag. Actually, UCTotY is in a class by itself. … More Upper Class Twit Of The Year

Upcoming Deadline For Ihs Seminars

Lynne Kiesling An offer for all students and recent graduates: The Institute for Humane Studies offers fantastic and free week-long seminars during the summer. Topics range from Environment & Society to Liberty, Art & Culture. I strongly encourage you to attend if you are looking for a week of brain candy, with great lectures, conversations … More Upcoming Deadline For Ihs SeminarsMore Upcoming Deadline For Ihs Seminars