New Senate Electricity Legislation: A New Hope?

Michael Giberson In considering Lynneís note on the new Senate electricity legislation, I couldnít help but notice that the co-sponsoring senators were not from states that have embraced “competitive energy markets” or done much to “modernize regulation.” Senator Burr is from North Carolina; Senator Cochran from Mississippi; Senator Landrieu from Louisiana; and Senator Lott, also … More New Senate Electricity Legislation: A New Hope?More New Senate Electricity Legislation: A New Hope?

New Senate Electricity Legislation

Lynne Kiesling Senators Burr, Cochran, Landrieu, and Lott (note the much-touted “bipartisanness”) have introduced a new piece of electricity legislation: S.498 Title: A bill to provide for expansion of electricity transmission networks in order to support competitive electricity markets, to ensure reliability of electric service, to modernize regulation and for other purposes. It starts off … More New Senate Electricity LegislationMore New Senate Electricity Legislation

Friday Coco Catblogging

Lynne Kiesling While I’m on the topic (and in work procrastination mode!), pray allow me to indulge in a wee bit of catblogging: Elle s’appelle Coco, elle a neuf ans, et elle est absolument magnifique. Elle √©tait maigre et √©l√©gante il y a huit ans, donc le nom “Coco”, mais maintenant elle est la “successful … More Friday Coco CatbloggingMore Friday Coco Catblogging

The Manolo And La Coquette

Lynne Kiesling Something else for which to thank the Manolo … his link to La Coquette, living la vie magnifique in the fashion industry in Paris. Quel dommage. I like living vicariously through her reports on Paris Fashion Week this week. And I really, really like the Coco Chanel quote that one of her friends … More The Manolo And La CoquetteMore The Manolo And La Coquette

Did Martha Knit Her Own Poncho?

Lynne Kiesling This post over at Manolo’s place shows a picture of Martha Stewart leaving confinement in the women’s prison in West Virginia. She is wearing an almost-boho poncho. I know that prison has an extensive knitting program for the inmates, and one of my friends who lives in the region donates her excess yarn … More Did Martha Knit Her Own Poncho?More Did Martha Knit Her Own Poncho?