David Warsh On Daron Acemoglu

Michael Giberson As a follow up to Lynne’s post, David Warsh at Economic Principals provided an overview of Acemoglu’s research that does a good job of situating Acemoglu’s work in the broader world of development economics. Well worth reading. See The Man Who Succeeded Gerschenkron. Anyone interested in economists, both in and out of the … More David Warsh On Daron AcemogluMore David Warsh On Daron Acemoglu

Acemoglu Wins Clark Prize

Lynne Kiesling MIT economist Daron Acemoglu has won this year’s John Bates Clark award for the best economist under 40. Acemoglu’s research is fascinating and well-done. As the Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required) notes: In a written statement, the [American Economic] association praised Mr. Acemoglu, 37, as a “broad and productive economist” who has … More Acemoglu Wins Clark PrizeMore Acemoglu Wins Clark Prize

A Snotty Comment On Aeroport Charles De Gaulle

Lynne Kiesling After flying home from Paris on Monday, I am convinced that the worthless labyrinth that is Charles de Gaulle airport is part of a deliberate French strategy to remove any separation anxiety in those tourists who are unhappy to be leaving France. By the time we got through security, I was downright thrilled … More A Snotty Comment On Aeroport Charles De GaulleMore A Snotty Comment On Aeroport Charles De Gaulle

Consolidation In The Oil Industry: Valero/premcor

Lynne Kiesling The Valero purchase of Premcor announced Monday is another interesting, if not surprising, step in the industry consolidation that started in the mid-1990s. The press on the Valero/Premcor deal seems to hit all of the right notes; I would add to this article on demand continuing to outstrip refining capacity that one of … More Consolidation In The Oil Industry: Valero/premcorMore Consolidation In The Oil Industry: Valero/premcor

Disinterested Party: Oil Prices Will Fall

Lynne Kiesling Stephen at Disinterested Party has a post in which he argues that oil prices will fall. In short, he thinks it’s a combination of slowing demand and fleeing speculators once that demand slowdown hits the market. His take on speculation: Then thereís speculation. The oil marketís behavior this past year has been perplexing. … More Disinterested Party: Oil Prices Will FallMore Disinterested Party: Oil Prices Will Fall

The House Energy Bill

Michael Giberson Tom Toles in the Washington Post offered the following last week: … More The House Energy Bill

Home Again, Home Again

Lynne Kiesling Today the KP Spouse, the KP Dad and I are flying home from Paris, so this the the content du jour … a fitting glimpse of our weekend activities. I know that the flowers will not yet be out in Chicago, so I will be sad to leave behind scenes like this one … More Home Again, Home AgainMore Home Again, Home Again

An Interesting Food Pairing

Lynne Kiesling From Chocolate & Zucchini, asparagus and strawberry tart. Yum. Different. Have to try that when I get home. … More An Interesting Food Pairing

Energy Bill Passes House

Lynne Kiesling See this Business Week summary of the energy bill version that passed the House yesterday. The Washington Post opined that the bill is “new and unimproved”: More to the point, it will fail to give this country the truly revolutionary energy policy it desperately needs. Instead of pointing the way toward an eventual … More Energy Bill Passes HouseMore Energy Bill Passes House

Peak Oil: Static Assumptions?

Lynne Kiesling Tim Worstall had a post yesterday on the “peak oil” calculation, inspired by a long article in the Guardian. Tim makes the important point in this post and in an earlier one to which he links that the economic assumptions on which the calculation rests are too static to be realistic. They don’t … More Peak Oil: Static Assumptions?More Peak Oil: Static Assumptions?