A Methodology For The Emulation Of B-trees

Michael Giberson In a stunt reminiscent of Alan Sokalís article published in the journal Social Text, three MIT grad students in computer science were invited to present at an academic conference on the basis of a paper randomly generated by a program they wrote. Reuters reports (via CNN.com): [Co-author Jeremy] Stribling said the trio targeted … More A Methodology For The Emulation Of B-treesMore A Methodology For The Emulation Of B-trees

The Future Is Uncertain, Plan Accordingly

Michael Giberson Apparently, the Washington Post thinks is it newsworthy that economists canít foretell the future. In a story headlined Economists Uncertain of Energy Costsí Impact, the Post reports that economists agree that higher energy costs in recent weeks dampened economic growth, but economists are not sure what the economy will be doing in the … More The Future Is Uncertain, Plan AccordinglyMore The Future Is Uncertain, Plan Accordingly

New Blog: Ragged Thots

Lynne Kiesling Ray Gifford alerts us to a new blog from NY Post editorial writer Robert George. It’s called Ragged Thots. Robert seems to share my enjoyment of wordplay and language (and sports), but also seems to enjoy writing about politics, which I do not. So, the benefits of product differentiation … although I am … More New Blog: Ragged ThotsMore New Blog: Ragged Thots

Some Chicago Links

Lynne Kiesling Chicagoist has a couple of good posts up right now, including this one on chef Charlie Socher, whose Cafť Matou is in the regular KP rotation. Socher has a new restaurant in Lincoln Square, Charlie’s on Leavitt, that will be on the short list to try when I get home. They also link … More Some Chicago LinksMore Some Chicago Links

More On German Regulation

Lynne Kiesling Dave at No Illusions has a follow-on post to my recent post on German economic regulation. He offers further examples, and they don’t make me any more sanguine. … More More On German Regulation

F&W’s Observations On The UK Elections

Lynne Kiesling David Farrer at Freedom and Whisky (two of my favorite things!) has written some good posts over the past week about the upcoming UK elections. His most recent post on the subject highlights the divide between small-l-liberals and conservatives on social policy, and between small-l-liberals and Labour and Liberal Democrats on economic policy. … More F&W’s Observations On The UK ElectionsMore F&W’s Observations On The UK Elections